Quarter In Review

When asking myself what I have learned this quarter a lot of things come to my mind. First, is that the digital marketing field is one that is ever evolving and requires a constant attention to stay up to date on the latest and greatest techniques. I think this quarter I am most proud of translating what I have learned in class to my family business. My Dad is the owner of Speedway Marine, where we specialize in Marine, Sea Doo and snowmobile repair, also snowmobile customization. My Dad has been in business for 25 years and has NEVER had a website. So this quarter with the help of my sister, who is also a product of the Western Business school, we began building a website. We usedboat homestead as our first builder but this proved to be expensive and not very functional. We then switched to a WordPress theme. This turned out to be much more useful than any other alternative we found. Building the website I wanted it to be simple, easy to use and quick loading. All these things are a product of things we discussed in class. I used a number of pictures that I had on my Instagram to create cool and never before seen content. This makes the website very appealing to the eye, and doesn’t use cheap looking clip art.

SNowtrackThe next step for the business is over winter break is to develop social media resources for the company. Starting with Facebook and Instagram so promote the lifestyle and cool things going on at our shop. Another way of driving traffic I have come up with is to start our own blog. On our blog I have been brainstorming ideas to write about like the negative affects of ethanol on boats, local riding places, reviews of new snowmobiles, ect. With the knowledge that we have these will be very useful for customers and hopefully drive traffic through our website.

I now know how to monitor all of this through google analytics. I hooked up Google Analytics to the website the day we published it. This has allowed me to see where my traffic is coming from and where I can improve. I want to start to use some Adwords and really get the traffic on the website up this time of year. This is our slow time of year and I think I can increase the amount of business we are getting from these digital channels. The old guys that used to ride snowmobiles are starting to phase out and we are not fully capitalizing on the new generation of riders. I think we can do this through the digital channels and promoting the lifestyle and knowledge we have as a company.

Check out the website: SpeedwayMarine.com

Speedway 1

This class has taught me to be creative in my online marketing techniques and not afraid to dive in and figure out different platforms for promotions. i’ve designed a new logo, built a website, set up a hoot-suite, and designed a social media campaign. My free time over break will allow me to implement all of this and really drive the traffic through our website and hopefully convert these users into customers. I have really enjoyed digital marketing and how flexible and necessary it is in our digital world.

Here is my traffic for My Blog:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.54.02 AM

My total word count for my blog was 7500. Thats a lot of words! Coming out of this class I also have a couple certifications that I have acquired over the quarter. Hootsuite and Google analytics!

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.44.52 PM

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